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The Uno and Nano Prototype Board PCB

This board can be used to build and deploy projects in a short time as the main wiring has already been completed for the display with easy access to all inputs outputs.

Additional Facia kit available allows for project to be mounted for a more permanent finish.

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Download PDF of Instructions

Uno board compatible Nano board compatible WeMos D1 Dev Board (limited use not lcd parallel but IC2 OK)

LCD wiring parallel installed direct to display using the following digital outputs:

LiquidCrystal lcd(12,11,5,4,3,8)

Note The pins where chosen so as to allow the output D2 to be free for interrupt use if required. You just need to install 10K variable resistor and 220ohm resistor

LCD wiring IC2 type using dedicated ports, Mounting holes for 20x4 and 16x2 displays, reset button provision.

Outputs have power adjacent to its pin to allow easy connections.

Prototype Area to build your additional circuits.

At its very basic you can mount an Arduino Uno or compatible face side down onto PCB and run a LCD from the IC2 port. This will require you to solder the pins onto the PCB.

The alternative is to install a 10K variable resistor and 220 ohm resistor and solder the pins to connect the LCD directly on the opposite side. You can use mounting pillars for the display.

To mount the Nano you have two choices:

Mount on the same side as the LCD

Mounting the LCD side will allow you to use the nano with standard soldered pins, but it makes access to USB port a little inaccessible when the LCD is mounted. This method IC2 Preferred.

Mount on the opposite side of the LCD

Mounting on the component side will require the pins to be soldered on the nano with the headers upwards on the board. This will allow you to plug in the board in the correct orientation.

Using the IC2 port (in yellow above) with the Nano you will have to link A4 and A5 to Top right Pins as above, or connect directly to A4, A5 and power.

Facia Mounting Kit

Additional Facia kits are available that can be used to mount a 20 x 4 or 16 x 2 display Available in Black, White, Blue, Red or Turquoise.

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